How to Fix a Leaking Tap

Early Leak Detection Is Essential

Discovering how to fix a leaking tap is a useful exercise. This piece will look at leaking taps and show you how to fix a leaking tap in 8 steps.

Leak Detection
It goes without saying that early leak detection is critically important before your tap gets beyond repair and you need to call in a plumber. There are two likely causes of your leaking tap:

A) Worn washer in the tap itself
B) Worn washer in the movement joint of the tap.
So either way, you will likely have to check and replace the tap washers.

1. Replace the tap washer.

Leaking taps are generally caused by worn washers and often the replacement of the washer will fix your leak. Getting the right size replacement washer is vital though so make sure that you bring the worn washer along to the shop when looking for a replacement.

2. Turn off the cold water supply to your leaking tap.

You can turn off the supply of water coming into the tap by turning off the cold water supply at the main service valve. Alternatively, perhaps there is an isolating penny valve under your sink; if there is, turn off the water supply here.

You also need to turn off the hot water supply in the hot press. Run your leaking tap until it stops supplying water.

3. Remove the tap screw cap.

Get a flathead screw driver for this step and remove the tap screw cap and unscrew the screw that is in the tap.

4. Release the headgear nut.

You will need a spanner for this step and you need to make sure not to damage the pipework coming into the tap.

You may need to place a piece of cloth around the tap and support the tap with a pipe wrench to support it. This allows you to apply more pressure to releasing the headgear nut.

5. Remove and replace the old washer.

If there is a small nut holding it in place, this will need to be removed.

6. Place the new washer on the headgear nut.

Once you have the new washer on the headgear nut, put the headgear back into the tap and make sure you tighten it or your tap will leak again.

7. Reassemble the tap.

You will need to reinsert the tap screw and put the tap cover back on.

8. Leak not fixed?

If the leak is not fixed, then the likelihood is that the leak is in the movement joint of the tap. This too will require the replacement of the washer in the movement joint.

Simply unscrew the tap head at the movement joint and replace the washer.

If you don’t have the time or skill or confidence to fix your own tap or perhaps you have tried but you still have a leaking tap then you should call a plumber in Dublin.


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